This is a detail section of KiwiSpace's 2011/2012 Strategic Plan. See the other sections for further detail.



Student Outreach: Study and Career Inspiration


Capacity Building


Raising Awareness


Organisational Growth


STUDENT OUTREACH: Study and Career Inspiration

Upper Primary & Middle School

Water Rocket Competition
  • Water Rockets: Get basic rocket science into as many schools as possible around the country – by developing a water rocket competition and training guides that make it very easy for teachers to use water rockets as science lessons.
    As a flagship programme, this should provide a low-cost, high-impact activity – both raising the foundation’s awareness and opening up dialogues with teachers and students. Through effective sponsorship arrangements, the goal would be to get water rocket kits in every school’s hands, and encouraging participation in a national competition as part of World Space Week, in 2010.
    Subject to funding support, it would be ideal to send the winning participants over to the [APRSAF-18|http://www.aprsaf.org/ Water Rocket Event.
Astronomy in schools
  • Astronomy and Telescopes: We aim to bolster the use and enjoyment of astronomy – and would like to see every school in the country having access to a telescope and the appropriate training to get value from it. Early ideas have considered supplying or helping schools build a telescope, or exploring the provision of internet-enabled telescopes to allow use during the day.
Poster and Essay Competitions
  • "The Next 50 years in Space" / "Our Futures In Space": The Asian-Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) runs an annual poster competition. Next year’s theme fits with the 50th anniversary of human spaceflight, and is usually run to fit with World Space Week (October). In 2011, we would run a poster and essay contest along this theme, providing students a variety of ways to participate and explore their creativity to show what our future in space could be like.
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