This is a detail section of KiwiSpace's 2011/2012 Strategic Plan. See the other sections for further detail.



Student Outreach: Study and Career Inspiration


Capacity Building


Raising Awareness


Organisational Growth



Vocal Community

Our own members can do wonders to promote the space:

  • Blogs, Articles and Updates: from all organisations, clubs and entities (Astronomy, Rocket Lab, N-prize entrants, KiwiSAT, etc.) will help raise the profile of space activity and businesses within New Zealand.
  • Promote events and news that are relevant to the New Zealand community: Highlight news or events (e.g. Space launch) and show why this is important to the NZ community.
Coordinated Events

We can raise awareness by promoting international events to schools, members and the general public. We aim for a solid list of events/programmes associated with:

  • 12 April: Yuri’s Night
    50th anniversary of Human Spaceflight
  • 4-10 October: World Space Week
    First satellite in space and signing of Outer space treaty
Audit the state of New Zealand Space
  • New Zealand "Space Report": Document New Zealand’s current space and related science capabilities, economic and social returns – and how this compares globally, and where opportunities exist for New Zealand. This could include market forecasts, key purchasers and suppliers, economic development potential as well as hot scientific, intellectual capital and technology transfer areas.
Press Contact

Become a recognised contact for the New Zealand Press and Government for information:

  • Whitepapers
  • Write articles
  • Join public debates, provide comments, etc.
Clarify Messages

Wherever possible, we should provide a clear and consistent message about space exploration and space sciences. These messages should underlay each communication, so that over time, the public will come to associate space with the following key attributes and feelings.

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