KiwiSpace Foundation is a new organisation with ambitious goals for the future of New Zealand in space.
Looking to the near future, we have tried to develop a realistic short-term strategic plan, that reflects the current status of New Zealand's space and education activities, and the developing capabilities of the Foundation.

Our strategic plan for the 2011-2012 period is broken down into four focus areas:



Student Outreach: Study and Career Inspiration
Having people interested in science, engineering and other space-related disciplines is essential to build future industry upon. Through our outreach activities we hope inspire students to pursue study, and ultimately select advanced education and career options in these areas.


Capacity Building
To be on-par with the major space nations, New Zealand needs to develop its domestic capacity -- increasing knowledge and application of space technologies, developing personnel and infrastructure, and stimulating future innovation.


Raising Awareness
We aim to showcase the fantastic existing research, industry and organisations at work in New Zealand, highlighting how important space is our every day lives, and to the future of our economy.


Organisational Growth
As a new organisation, an important focus for us is to develop the resources, personnel and infrastructure to support our mission.


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