Date and time: 24 April 2012, 1030 hrs to 1545 hrs
Written by: Ali Harley, Crew 118, MSP

Crew members:

Ali Harley, Annalea Beattie, Mike Bodnar, Hari Mogosanu


COWGAT - Waypoint 167: 12 S 520350/ NAD 4247077, elevation 1346


Our first EVA in sim took us to the Cow Dung Road Cattle Grid. 

This is an out of this world landscape, where you find yourself amongst millions of years old fossils and strange looking pebbles.  We took the pressurised rover with 7 kilometres (return trip) because of the heat in the desert (it reached 35 today!).  It took us one and a half hours to 'suit up' (get into the astronaut gear), check everything before we left the Hab, and depart on our first mission of exploration on this barren surface. It was awful wearing the astronaut gear as it is very claustrophobic and hot, and very restricting on movement, for example, if you want to pick up a pebble you have to carefully lower yourself to the ground, pick it up in thick gloves, and get back on your feet without falling over.




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