KiwiSpace Foundation has adopted the following organisational structure.

The Board of Directors sets the strategic direction for the organisation, and are caretakers for the organisation's Vision and mission. They are responsible for ensuring the organisation has the necessary resources to achieve its goals, and are invaluable sources of knowledge and advice for the leadership team and staff.  They work above the day-to-day operations of the foundation, appoint and delegating these responsibilities to an Executive Director, who is responsible for recruiting the leadership team.

The Leadership team, our Executive Committee, are responsible for setting executing the strategic plan and overseeing programmes, projects and normal operations. The organisational structure is designed to cater for the varying levels of time availability of volunteers, but we encourage participation at all levels by members. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend Executive Committee meetings, and both board and the leadership team are encourage to participate in subcommittees and projects.

Members are individuals or organisations that have a passion for the organisation's goals – who want to see New Zealand become an active member in the international space community. This can be in the form of an annual membership fee and optionally donations, or through active participation in our programmes and subcommittees. Members are encouraged to attend any events held, and a formal open meeting is held approximately every quarter. Members also approve the appointment of Board members at an Annual General Meeting once per year.

As per our Society Rules, membership is open to:

  • People residing in New Zealand
  • New Zealand citizens, living or working abroad
  • Business or organisations employing at least one NZ citizen
  • Other people or organisations as the committee may decide
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