As of September 2012 the New Zealand Spaceflight Association Inc (NZSA) ceased operations.

A message from the final NZSA committee:

When the NZSA was formed in 1977 it was accepted wisdom that a body was needed to contact NASA and ESA and promote spaceflight to a largely space–news-starved and uninformed public.

Now however, all that information, previously sent from overseas space agencies, is available at the touch of a keyboard. The NZSA found itself increasingly redundant.

We are very happy that so much astronautic and related sciences information is now freely available.

After 35 years our job is done.

Ad Astra!

Let's Time Travel!

To to browse a copy of the NZSA website just before we shut it down, browse:

Browse a local archive
of the NZSA website
(Dec 2012)

Or, take a look at the NZSA website across the course of time, using the 'Wayback Machine': 

This page has been archived by KiwiSpace Foundation, to assist people trying looking for information on the New Zealand Spaceflight Association. KiwiSpace was not formally associated with the NZSA, although we worked with them and had some common members.

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