Mission Dates: 04 October - 8 October 2013

KiwiSpace Foundation was one of the partners for the World Space Week 2013 Mars expedition.

Check out the Mission Dashboard:  http://www.oewf.org/cms/wsw2013-mission.phtml

More information will be posted once our crew member, Haritina Mogosanu, returns and can upload information.




The World Space Week Association, in partnership with the Space Generation Advisory Council, Mars Society, the Austrian Space Forum and the Kiwispace Foundation has teamed-up for a series of public Mars analog research demonstrations, including undertaking an analog expedition at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. In a unique outreach and education effort, the global Mars simulation will take place between 04 – 10 October 2013. Teams of researchers, explorers and educators will unite to demonstrate to students and space enthusiasts how exploring Mars will also help us rediscover Earth.


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