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HealthSafety Report: 02/05/2013
Emma Braegen


 Jen still has a bit of a cough but is feeling better. Rest of the crew is well.

I started work on a hazard matrix for the MDRS hab. It has a list of possible hazards along with the possible consequence and probability to find a risk rating for each hazard. There is also an option to put in mitigation for the hazards to reduce the risk rating. I'm basing it on military standard MIL-STD-882 since that gives a good guideline for risk analysis. I will continue working on it this week.

I found that there was a rat killing trap set up in the attic. A previous crew must have set it and not disabled it before leaving. If anyone sets up a trap they should check it at least every 24hrs and make sure to notify the next crew if it is left set up. If the next crew doesn't know it is there they might either injure themselves or not realise if something is caught.


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