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Eagle Technology Group is a privately held information technology (IT) services company, established since 1969.  Eagle is the largest supplier of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) products and services in New Zealand, representing Esri. Eagle Technology GIS is a full-service provider of spatial information software, professional services (consultancy, implementation and project management) and support (service-desk and training). Eagle is proud to support the KiwiMars initiative, providing access to technical expertise, infrastructure and the world’s leading ArcGIS software to spatially enable the KiwiMars mission team.  This will allow students, researchers, media, and the general public to follow the group’s progress and daily updates in a geographical context.  

For more information on GIS being used in education please refer to 

Graeme Henderson
GIS Account Manager

Eagle Technology Group Ltd
(ESRI, New Zealand Distributor)

Wellington, New Zealand

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