Date and time: 2 May 2012, 1900 hrs
Written by: Ali Harley, Crew 118, MSPS

EVA time: from 1630 hrs to 1830 hrs

Crew Members:

Haritina Mogosanu, Ali Harley

Site Location:

Brahe Highway 12s utm 0517078  4254556, elev. 1363 

Transit Mode: 



It was too late in the day to go to Coal Mine Wash so we decided to scout the so far unexplored Brahe Highway.


This has got to be the set of countless cowboy movies!  A totally different landscape again - not red this time, but yellow. There was a patch of quartz out of a seam, and some bits of petrified wood which is tree-coloured. There were a few hairy moments on the ATV's due to following the wrong tracks.   

Lessons Learned:

Following ATV tracks doesn't mean you are following an established road - we took a wrong turn and came to a dead end. We about-turned and came back to the Hab the way we had come (Lowell Highway).  Note for all ATV riders: by cross-country'ing on the ATV's, you not only chew up the beautiful landscape, but you also confuse riders trying to stay on the established road.


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