KiwiSpace had championed and undertaken a number of Mars Analogue Missions - Simulated missions to Mars - at the Mars Desert Research Station in Utah. 

Current / Future Missions

2014 - watch this space for the upcoming Mars analogue expeditions

See the live Mission Dashboard now

Past Missions

What is a Mars Analogue Mission?

Analogue Research Stations are laboratories for learning how to live and work on another planet. Each is a prototype of a habitat that will land humans on Mars and serve as their main base for months of exploration in the harsh Martian environment. Such a habitat represents a key element in current human Mars mission planing. Each Station's centerpiece is a cylindrical habitat, "The Hab," an 8-meter diameter, two-deck structure mounted on landing struts. Peripheral external structures, some inflatable, may be appended to the Hab as well.

Analogue Mission

During the simulation, the crew members will live in close quarters with restrictive conditions similar to those on Mars, eating dehydrated astronaut food, having portable water supplies and sleeping and living in tight quarters. During their ‘work shifts,’ they will take part in research and perform Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVAs), submit daily reports to mission support and experience first hand the challenges of limited communication with the outside world, and confined communal living in an inhospitable environment.

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