Jeff Bezos, the man who started Amazon and is behind the secretive space-venture Blue Origin has successfully recovered F-1 engine parts, from a Saturn V rocket from the ocean floor. He revealed last year that he'd located the engines using sonar on in the Atlantic Ocean - and announced on March 20 that he'd returned enough major components to rebuild two Saturn V F-1 engines.

With the amount of junk discarded from rockets over the past 50 years, you'd think there'd be more finds of this nature – but this is the first recovery that I'm personally aware of. And it looks soooo cool!  I was always fascinated by the underwater footage of the Titanic discovery - but this tops it for me: I can't wait to see the finished exhibit.

There's several pictures and lots more detail at the Bezos Expeditions update page. 

There was speculation last year that these could be the engines from the historic Apollo 11 mission – but Bezos says the exact history of the engine parts recovered may never be known.



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