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This page displays a marker representing the postcode of a member, not an actual address – the marker's location is at the estimated centre of each postcode area.

Collection of this information started in May 2014 to help improve our understanding of the distribution of our members, and is strictly optional to provide.

	#map {
		width: 700px;
		height: 800px;

 <div id="map-container"><div id="map"></div></div>

<script src="//"></script>
<script src="//"></script>
		$( document ).ready(function() {
			$.getScript( "/join_nossl/map_render.php" )
			  .done(function( script, textStatus ) {
			  .fail(function( jqxhr, settings, exception ) {
			    $("#map" ).html( "Error loading embedded map." );
titleCan't find yourself on the map?

Help improve our records and add your postcode information to our records.

Simply go to our membership page, and sign-in using your previously registered email address (or if you're a space enthusiast we haven't come to know yet, then sign up as a new member!).

Add your postcode, and within 24 hours you should see your own pin show up on the map.

Please note that there's not always information available on where each postcode is located so you may not get mapped right away, but we do our best and improve the database over time.