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Some of these resources are still under construction. An "under construction" banner will be displayed on the page if that is the case.

Link to the Science Page

MDRS118 Mission Plan, 26 April 2012

MDRS118 crew plan a large number of diverse projects. These are:
Children Display

In addition we will be undertaking other activities that include: 

  •  Cooking on Mars
  •  Inventory of Hab Food Supplies.
  •  Outreach 1: Producing a documentary about MDRS.
  •  Outreach 2: Producing School Resources for NZ students
  •  Outreach 3: New Zealand schools and public via Carter Observatory Wellington.


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Equipment MDRS118 crew brought to Hab:
  1. Outreach equipment,.
  2. Cameras
  3. Garman GPS
  4. Geological equipment: Rock hammer, hand lenses, compass
  5. Science kit Antipodes

titleSchool Resources Area

Access Here School Resources Page

Special thanks go to our Mission Director Jon Clarke - Mars Society Australia for his help and sharing his experiences as geologist extraordinaire and member of previous MDRS and Spaceward Bound expeditions.