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Will I succeed? I'm not sure, but I sure as hell hope to put NZ on the space map no matter the outcome!

Pre-testing thoughts


So this weekend its engine testing time, again....

Why again? Back in the End of June we tried firing a small liquid fuelled rocket engine, but only got a pad full of propellant due to ignition issues, (we were trying pyrotechnic) . So back to the drawing board to resurrect the old torch igniter I made late last year, after a lot of researching, a new torch igniter was made and it's only been this week that I've been able to get it to a testing stage (another story!).

Making an igniter and getting it to work once is relatively easy I've found, but getting it working reliably and every time is a different thing! Tonight in the shed validated that, a whole lot of bang but no buck, I know the problem and I'll get it sorted tomorrow night. My old torch igniter worked so there's no reason for this new improved one not to!.